Appleby’s Double Gloucester

The family researched the making of Appleby's Double Gloucester using the original recipe book from when Lucy Appleby (MBE) learnt her craft of cheesemaking at Reaseheath College. Eventually the family found their preferred recipe from the archives of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food.

Appleby’s Double Gloucester

After a little experimentation, including use of too much annatto in the first batch (since the old recipe was for singles strength annatto and the family were now using double strength annatto), the Appleby family developed the recipe that they are still using today. 

Appleby's Double Gloucester is an individual product that has been carefully developed over time.  The traditional recipe uses the same ingredients as Appleby's Cheshire with variations in the timing, temperature and acidity. 

Appleby’s Double Gloucester has a less dominant flavour and needs to be balanced with subtle accompaniments.

  • Flavour: rich and nutty yet mellow flavour
  • Texture: smooth and buttery
  • Body: this is shown in the fullness of the iron
  • Fat: more should be seen on the back of the iron than for Cheshire
  • Acidity: less acidic than Cheshire, a subtler flavour
  • Vegetarian: vegetarian rennet used

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