Appleby’s Cheshire

The traditional Cheshire Cheese recipe has been handed down through generations of the Appleby family.

Appleby’s Cheshire

The family work closely with Garry Gray, a dedicated cheesemaker, highly experienced and skilled in the art of cheesemaking. The original ingredients; unpasteurised milk, starter culture, rennet, salt and annatto are used. A committed team, work with quality ingredients and carefully monitor timing, temperature and acidity to create a consistently high quality product. Expertise is essential to work with constant variations during the seasons which vary the central ingredient; Appleby’s milk. Appleby’s Cheshire goes particularly well with fruit cake, figs or dates, as the acidity complements the sweetness of the fruit. Appleby’s Cheshire also has excellent cooking properties.

  • Flavour: clean and zesty on the tongue followed by a rich mouth watering finish, which you can enjoy in your mouth long after you have tasted the cheese
  • Texture: moist and crumbly
  • Body: shown by a ridge along the edge of the cheese iron
  • Fat: a trace should be seen on the back of the iron
  • Acidity: a good level helps to create this tasty traditional Cheshire Cheese
  • Vegetarian: vegetarian rennet used
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