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As featured in The Daily Telegraph on Monday 31st May, there is great potential for exporting British cheese.

Potential Export Market For British Cheese

The dairy industry was today urged to produce more British cheeses to export to the rest of the world.

Ahead of World Milk Day on Monday 31st May, Agriculture and Food Minister Jim Paice said the industry needed help to invest in processing milk so the UK could become a net exporter of all the dairy products.

Currently the UK imports about £2.3 billion-worth of dairy products including milk, cream and yoghurt, and only exports goods worth £900 million. 

Britain has more than 700 distinct cheeses, compared with 400 traditional French cheeses, and 15 dairy products made in particular areas, using a traditional method, that are protected from cheap imitations under the EU Protected Food Names status.  Ministers want to boost the export of the UK produce.

Mr Paice said that while Britain produced milk at competetive prices, more needed to be processed.  He added: "The UK imports a significant quantity of high-quality cheeses and other dairy products which our home industry could just as effectively produce here."

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