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As featured in the Daily Telegraph, cheese is a healthy option!

Cheese Helps Elderly to Fight Diseases

Eating a piece of cheese every day is good for the immune system of elderly people, according to a study by scientists. 

They discovered that cheese acts as a carrier for probiotic bacteria. 

The team behind the study believed that the daily intake of probiotic cheese can tackle age-related deterioration of the immune system, which means the body is unable to kill tumour cells and reduces immune response to vaccinations and infections. 

Infectious diseases, chronic inflammation and cancer are hallmarks of the decline. 

"The increase in the proportion of aged individuals in modern society makes finding innovative ways to thwart the deterioration of the immune system a priority," said Dr Fandi Ibrahim of the University of Turku, Finland. 

"The intake of probiotic bacteria has been reported to enhance the immune response through other products and now we have discovered that cheese can be a carrier of the same bacteria."

The findings, published in FEES Immunology & Medical Microbiology, showed a strengthening of the immune system in those who ate cheese.

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