News From Hawkstone Abbey Farm

The Appleby family have a large collection of old fashioned screw presses designed for farmhouse cheese made in cloth and calico bound, which they still use in the cheesemaking process today to achieve a precise finish for their cheese.

Appleby’s Champion Cheese Presses

All of the presses were made locally in the West Midlands at the turn of the century, by manufacturers such as Clay & Sons (Ellesmere), W H Smith (Whitchurch), Birchall Bros (Whitchurch) and George Bros (Nantwich). The cheese presses all had their handles made separately by T Corbett of Shrewsbury. The Appleby’s also have a few double presses, which are much rarer than single presses and have the advantage of allowing them to press two cheeses side by side. One of the presses is even a first prize cheese press winner from the London, Birmingham and Amsterdam Exhibition for new products!

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