Producing a unique product

The combination of fine pastures, quality unpasteurised milk, the skill of the cheesemaker and the art of maturing gives Appleby’s cheese its unique texture and flavour.

Producing a unique product

The calico bound cheese are stored in on-farm maturing rooms until they are carefully selected for distribution. Appleby’s produce Appleby’s Cheshire, Appleby’s Smoked and Appleby’s Double Gloucester.

  • The milk arrives at the cheese dairy by 7a.m
  • A mixture of morning and evening milk is used
  • A low percentage of starter culture is added
  • The colouring (annatto) is added and stirred in for coloured cheese
  • Rennet is added
  • Cheese is cut and stirred and whey is drained off
  • It is cut by hand into blocks and the blocks are turned
  • Finally when the cheese has reached the correct acidity, salt is added
  • Curd is put through the curd mill and then into calico lined moulds
  • The filled moulds are moved to the press room
  • After resting, moulds are topped up with spare curd
  • Cheese are then put into the old fashioned screw presses (made locally at the turn of the century)
  • Pressure is added
  • At end of the day full pressure is added
  • The next day the cheese are taken out of the presses and turned
  • Cheese are then returned to the presses in clean calico for a further 2 hours
  • Cheese are removed from the presses, the edges are trimmed and sealed with an iron
  • Then the cheese are bound in calico with an edible paste called Blanose

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